Things to Consider Before Buying a Cat.

kitten_mont Taking on a cat as a pet is a big commitment and should not be taken lightly. It will need attention, routine veterinary treatment, grooming and daily care.

A cat will require daily care for 10-15 years – too many cats are already waiting to be re-homed through no fault of their own. This may be due to changes in the previous owner’s circumstances, the novelty wearing off, a lack of time for the cat or some other reason. Just as anyone would give careful consideration to their circumstances, lifestyle, commitment, time etc before starting a family, buying a cat should be considered in the same way.

Cats are a suitable pet for many families and with the many breeds of varying sizes, characteristics, etc there are cats which will happily fit into a variety of environments and lifestyles.  Keep in mind that long haired varieties will generally need more care.

However a cat is an expensive, big and long term commitment and is therefore not a pet that a child can be expected to be solely responsible for and will likely require adult assistance.

It is important to consider other pets in the household and all family members. Some cats may not take well to small children pulling them about and it should be remembered that the cat is a natural hunter of birds and small animals.